Inspired by autumn, ghosts, and American Horror Story, Devin Tait & The Traitrors take you for a haunted hayrack ride with their concept EP "Spectres" featuring the single and video "Until the Break of Dawn."


released October 24, 2014

Devin Tait - Vocals, Synthesizers Brandon Strecker - Guitar, Bass Myles Matisse - Drums
Liana Hernandez - Vocals
Jarod Millsap - Vocals, Synthesizers
Produced and Mixed by Devin Tait in Logic Pro X.
Guitar, bass and drums recorded by Brandon Strecker.
Mastered by Brandon Strecker and Devin Tait.
Thanks to Marky Make Up, Moni Marx, Marc Loren; Melodie Simond and Richard Skrip; Ian McKinnon, Travis Wood and all at Planet Queer; Jasten King and the Head- phone crew; Dolly Dagger, Dylan Tucker, and all our families.



all rights reserved


Devin Tait West Hollywood, California

Having transplanted himself from Kansas to California around the turn of the millennium, Devin Tait quickly found himself derailed from his original plan to join a boyband. Meeting a couple of guitar playing lesbians at karaoke led Tait to form the band Shitting Glitter with Amy Crosby and Von Edwards. After nearly a decade with the band, Tait decided it was time to branch out on his own. ... more

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Track Name: Until the Break of Dawn
We are the revenants We’ve been around For hundreds of years Scared of the light And clinging to fears Holding so tight Wishing for closure Stalking by night
And avoiding exposure We can no longer Dream like you
You can live in the sun And feel pleasure anew We are invisible
‘Til Samhain arrives The moon comes up and We come alive
And we will
Dance like people do
Laugh like people do
Rave like people do
Until the break of dawn
Sing like people do
Wish like people do
Crave like people do
Until the break of dawn
We’re hanging around
And we’re haunting your space Creating distractions
And fears you can face Bumping and clanging
To get your attention And yet you insist that We’re your invention We are the revenants Tonight is our night We’ve only got until The morning light
So let’s all dance
Track Name: Downstairs
The stairs emit a subtle creak
The falling pairs of quickened feet The hair is raised upon her neck Don’t look back, never check Imagination plays in the deep
The basement hides
And secrets creep
Never one to be alone
Was better off when still unknown The sudden slamming of a door
The rush of air from which it pours To feel the presence which invades What once was welcome Overstayed (always stay)
Why did she go downstairs?
Why did she go down there?
To haunt the stark and empty plane Forever blocked communique
To muster just enough to knock Upon the walls and rattle locks
As fear recedes and longing gains
The lonesome dinners that she takes The basement table set for two
To be joined what must one do? (always stay)
Track Name: I'm Still Here
I still haunt the grounds I used to walk
A mist, a shadow Hover and stalk
The soul is there but the shell is lost And certain grounds
Cannot be crossed
I’m the knock upon the door
I’m the creaking in the floor I’m the whispers in the hall I’m a spectre in the wall
I’m still here
Can’t you hear me?
I’m calling out for you
Don’t you feel me?
I’m looking right at you Can’t you see me
Reaching out for you
I’m still here
I’m no stranger to this home 300 years and still I roam
I cannot sleep but I’m so tired 6 feet under, I’m expired
A projection with no form Just roaming the halls
For something warm
I bring the chill from underground I try to scream
But there’s no sound
I’m still here
Can’t you hear me?
I’m calling out for you
Don’t you feel me?
Looking right at you
Can you see me?
Reaching out for you
I’m still here
Track Name: If You Were a Ghost
Spectres haunt the edges Of my sight
Conjuring the memories I wish to forget the most When I see you
Under cloak of night
I couldn’t be more scared
If you were a ghost
And I couldn’t be more scared If you were a ghost
I couldn’t be more scared
If you were a ghost
Figures flit ‘round
Putting me ill at east
I feel a chill in the air Whenever you are near
I build myself up
To feel like Hercules
But the thought of you
Fills my mind with fear
And I couldn’t be more scared If you were a ghost
I couldn’t be more scared
If you were a ghost
Track Name: Strange Season 13
Through an open window
one day flew out
And another blew right in
It was the most surreal thing When morning broke we awoke To collective horror
We had all switched beds
The internet accessed our heads And we all know how
We ended up here
But the pathway out
Is not so clear
Listen when I tell you dear
It’s a strange season,
It’s a strange season...
It’s a strange season,
It’s a strange season...
If someone was watching us Just imagine how Embarrassing that might be Amusing as it may seem at first The audience, the suspense
Cameras, action, light
And feigned reality
As happy as we’ll ever be
All I need is you to pull me through We will come back
Better than before
All I need is you to hold onto And I will never want Anything more